A physician goes through a patient's medical history at a desk during an executive physical.

What Is an Executive Physical (And Do I Need One)?

Everyone deserves a comprehensive physical exam, sometimes referred to as an executive physical. The term “executive” simply reflects its high quality.

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A woman smiles as she lies in a white bed with her eyes closed, realizing you don’t really feel better with less sleep.

Why You Feel Better With Less Sleep (or Think You Do)

People sometimes ask, Why do I feel better with less sleep? Maybe you only think you do. Learn more about this phenomenon and why sleep is important.

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A doctor who noticed the signs that a patient needs hormone replacement therapy hands a packet of pills to a female patient.

What Are the Signs You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy?

When hormonal dysfunction occurs, symptoms occur. So what are the signs that you need hormone replacement therapy or one of its alternatives? Find out here.

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A man riding his bike, taking care of his health after 50.

Health After 50: A Doctor’s Take on Aging and Staying Healthy

There’s a lot you can do for your health after 50. Let’s talk about what contributes to your condition of health at 50 and what to do from there.

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A physician holding a clipboard writes on a piece of paper to tell a patient that they can take probiotics with antibiotics.

Why You Need Probiotics When You Take Antibiotics

Do you know why a person on antibiotics needs extra support to reclaim full health? Can you take probiotics with antibiotics? When, and how? Learn more.

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A person sitting at a laptop searching for a

How To Nail Your “Concierge Doctor Near Me” Search

Consider these three main categories in your search for a "concierge doctor near me." Learn more here.

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