Experience/Evidence-Based Medicine

In the world of the fast-paced, modern-day healthcare system, many patients feel that their voices are not being heard, or worry that their healthcare providers don’t have the right experience to address their specific needs. This is why Dr. Rosenberg and his team utilize both evidence-based and experience-based medicine, creating a modern approach to old-fashioned medicine.

We value your concerns and rely both on our decades of experience and the most up-to-date medical research to create a treatment plan that’s right for you. For more information, call us today at ☎ (561) 743-0005 or contact us online.

What Is Evidence-Based & Experience-Based Medicine?

Evidence-based medicine is a scientific approach to healthcare based on tested and true research and is guided heavily by information generated from rigorous, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies. It was created as a revolt against an older system of medicine that valued personal experience and opinions over current medical research.

Despite its heavy reliance on research, evidence-based medicine has come under some scrutiny in recent years. Many physicians find that following this line of care alone fails to uncover health issues which are influenced by variables unique to the patient. Likewise, evidence-based medicine has become too technical and statistical over the years, and many patients and practitioners find it difficult to follow the scientific concepts and apply them to real-life scenarios.

Experience-based medicine challenges these ideas; it is far less rigorous, draws heavily on personal stories, and leaves many questions for patients open-ended. While the practice still relies on clinical data, experience-based medicine allows for a more personal relationship between the doctor and patient to manifest. What’s more, it allows the doctor’s experience and opinions to contribute to a reliable diagnosis and emphasizes positive encouragement to the patient.

Who Can Benefit?

Dr. Rosenberg and Jupiter Concierge Family Practice are proud to serve anyone at any age from one year old to one-hundred and strongly believe that a combination of both evidence-based and experience-based medical practices provides the most successful outcomes for our patients.

No matter who you are, we work tirelessly to understand how your unique environment affects your health. This is because too often we have seen how conventional medicine’s cookie-cutter approach to health fails to realize that the underlying factors for a disease may be different between two people. Taking this knowledge, our team strives to be different, providing a more personalized approach to the health of you and your family.

What You Can Expect from Us

The goal of every appointment at Jupiter Concierge Family Practice is to make patients more proactive in their wellness, all while focusing on what is most important to those being treated.

Dr. Rosenberg will discuss with you ways that you can promote your health, reinforce what you are doing well, and suggest ways you can improve. To promote compliance and bring forth the best outcomes possible, the appropriate consults, tests, and follow up appointments will be recommended.

Through a combination of evidence-based and experience-based medicine, the Jupiter Concierge team is able to combine over 25 years of patient care experience with both current medical research and our patients values and preferences to provide the best treatment possible.

At Jupiter Concierge Family Practice, an annual membership fee is required. To learn more, call ☎ (561) 743-0005 or contact us online.

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