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Making the change to a concierge medical practice marks a paradigm shift for most people. Since the conventional model of healthcare has trained us to accept the medical status quo as normal, most of us expect certain outcomes and structures surrounding our care.

As a result, members can have a hard time taking advantage of the benefits concierge medicine offers. Let’s walk through the major benefits that come with being a member of Jupiter Concierge Family Practice, and unpack what they mean.

Benefits of Your Jupiter Concierge Family Practice Membership

Open Communication

When you’re my patient, you and I enter into a dialogue that goes both ways. I want you to feel like you can really converse with me — versus having to blurt out everything in a rush because you don’t know how long you’ll have my attention.

We can take our time on each topic, covering each item thoroughly, and we can schedule another visit the following week if we don’t get to everything on your list. I even want you to be comfortable enough to interrupt me if you see that we’re miscommunicating.

This level of direct, unhurried communication helps me help you the most.

An open and free dialogue also allows me to ask appropriate questions to find out what your underlying concerns are. For example, a patient may complain of a headache, but they’re really worried about their risk of brain cancer.

Because we’re able to communicate openly, back and forth in a real conversation, we can expand on your concerns and get into the details of what you need.

24/7 Doctor Contact

Our members enjoy 24/7 contact with their physician via office phone or cell phone.

If you start feeling bad, I want to know about it — even on the weekends. If you develop a fever and sore throat on a Sunday night, for example, call me on Sunday night. You don’t have to wait until Monday. If I have the opportunity to treat you earlier, then sometimes you’ll get better sooner.

If you call me at 2 a.m. for an emergency, don’t be surprised if I answer. That’s what I’m here for.

Same-Day or Next-Day Appointments

The concierge medical model enables us to see patients more quickly than a conventional practice can. Because we cap our number of members, our schedule is more flexible and adaptable than most patients have experienced before.

When something acute or unexpected happens, a member of our care team can see you in short order. If I’m unavailable, perhaps with another patient, our nurse practitioner Brittany can provide expedited attention so you don’t have to wait. This can be the difference between getting care in 30 minutes versus a few hours, though both are better than waiting days or weeks at a conventional office.

All the Time You Need

Our visit times are not cramped or rushed. We take the time you need for conversation and diagnosis. Symptoms can be tricky, and they may not reveal their source readily. With enough time, we can uncover what’s really going on.

This is serious business. Having ample time to ask the right questions can be life-saving. I once treated a patient whose complaint was a toothache; he was actually having referred pain from a heart attack.

Coordinated Wellness Program

A membership with Jupiter isn’t just about treating illnesses that crop up, though that’s certainly part of it. However, we also craft a coordinated wellness program focused on prevention, and we carve out specific time for that preventative care.

In conventional medicine, it’s not uncommon for a patient to wait 12 months for their yearly physical, saving up all their questions and concerns to unload during that one short window each year.

At Jupiter, we prefer you to ask those questions as they arise. And if you encounter a new health concern, you can make an appointment to evaluate it right away. We keep the free and open dialogue running all year.

Your yearly physical, then, is an opportunity for something deeper. It provides a comprehensive and detailed look at your overall health with a focus on your goals and concerns. This allows us to create a plan to achieve those health goals and address any underlying trends before they lead to actual symptoms and disease.

Your physical is not your only opportunity to be in touch with us, so you don’t have to save up your concerns. You can come in whenever you need to discuss your health, and you can have a dedicated yearly physical.

We even offer home visits when necessary. If you have an illness or condition that limits your ability to come to the office, you may require a home visit.

Assistance With Referrals and Testing

Sometimes patients come in with preconceived notions about who they should be referred to. They may have gotten a recommendation from a friend or family member, or they may have looked up a well-reputed doctor online. But the specialist who was right for your Aunt Susie, for example, may or may not be right for your situation.

My first priority as your doctor is to do what’s in your best interest. That includes providing the best and most relevant recommendations when it comes to referrals for specialists and testing. If you suspect you need to see a specialist, I’ll investigate your case to find as much pertinent information as possible. Then, we’ll talk through referral and testing options to be certain we get you to the right place.

Assistance With Medical Needs While You’re Away

When you’re away from home and have a medical issue, call me. Perhaps you’re unsure whether to go to an urgent care or an emergency room. We can talk about it. Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work, we’ll discuss your situation and help you get the care you need.

Infographic: How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership at Jupiter

Remember, We’re Here for You

When you’re a member of Jupiter Concierge Family Practice, you can always call. We’re here for you. That’s the reason we exist, and it’s what our practice is all about.

David C. Rosenberg

Dr. David Rosenberg

Dr. Rosenberg is a board-certified Family Physician who obtained a BS in Chemistry at Georgia's Mercer University in 1983 and a medical degree from the University of Miami in 1988. He completed his residency in Family Medicine at The Washington Hospital in Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1991 and then practiced Emergency Medicine at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center for two years. In 1993 he started private practice in Jupiter.

Dr. Rosenberg has been married to his wife Mary for 38 years and they have three grown children together. Some of his interests include being a huge baseball fan, sailing, snow skiing, self-development, and learning to play piano.