A woman and a doctor discuss the differences between functional medicine and conventional medicine.

Functional vs. Conventional Medicine: What’s the Difference?

In this post, we'll take a look at how functional medicine differs from the conventional medical approach.

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Long-Haul COVID: Overview, Differences, and Treatment

What are the defining characteristics and symptoms of long-haul COVID, and is there a long-haul COVID treatment?

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A person in a blue coat holds a red first aid kit containing 20 items.

20 Items to Include in Your First-Aid Kit

Here are my recommendations for 20 items to keep in an excellent home first-aid kit to cover you in almost any situation.

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Several hands hold a red heart on a blue background, representing a family history of heart disease.

What to Do if You Have a Family History of Heart Disease

Heart disease is largely preventable. Different people have varying risk factors. Today we’ll focus on one: a family history of heart disease.

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Two parents walk with their toddler in a white hat, telling him health lessons for kids.

5 Health Lessons for Kids (Plus When To Share Them)

We all want to know how to teach important health lesson to our kids. The four pillars of health help parents give their kids a framework for a vibrant life.

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Herbs, mushrooms, seeds, and a mortar and pestle serve as food as medicine.

The Truth About the ‘Food as Medicine’ Debate

One of the most powerful ways we can intervene in — and even reverse — our progress along the disease spectrum is to consider our food as medicine.

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A woman holding a first aid kit figuring out what to pack in your travel medicine bag.

What To Pack in Your Travel Medicine Bag

With a well-considered travel medicine bag, you can arm yourself against the likely — and the unlucky — and get back to putting up your feet.

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A doctor sits at her desk explaining the importance of nutrition to a man wondering if he should see a nutritionist.

Why Using a Nutritionist Could Be a Life-Saving Decision

Many people wonder, what can a nutritionist do for me? Should I see a nutritionist? Let’s look at what a nutritionist is and what they can do for your health.

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A physician goes through a patient's medical history at a desk during an executive physical.

What Is an Executive Physical (And Do I Need One)?

Everyone deserves a comprehensive physical exam, sometimes referred to as an executive physical. The term “executive” simply reflects its high quality.

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