Pulling out money, spending more than saving.

How to Be Happy Series: Finances

Discover how financial well-being actually can contribute to overall happiness, plus learn effective strategies for achieving financial peace.

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Woman using Yuka health app she is currently loving.

Yuka: The App I’m Currently Loving

Discover how to make healthier choices in supermarket aisles with Yuka, a revolutionary app that scores your food choices based on nutritional content.

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Someone holds a handful of their medicine and vitamins together.

Can You Take Medicine and Vitamins or Supplements Together?

Can you take medicine and vitamins together? Explore how to safely combine vitamins and medicines to ensure your supplements support rather than harm your health.

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A woman in a blue long sleeve shirt holds an apple in one hand, and a cupcake in the other, representing making healthy choices.

The Power of Choice: How to Make Healthier Decisions

Start the empowering journey of making healthy choices, with practical tips on enjoying a balanced lifestyle for a fulfilling and healthy life.

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Multiple members of an extended family smile together in a family portrait because being with family gives them happiness.

How to Be Happy: The Link Between Family and Happiness

Explore the connection between happiness and living with purpose. Delve into the importance of family, not as a biological bond but as a source of joy and support.

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Two friends exchange smiles and a high-five, celebrating their completed workout, showing their commitment to the pillars of health.

Which Pillar of Health Is MOST Important?

Uncover why exercise stands out among sleep, nutrition, and stress elimination, and learn practical steps for a robust foundation of overall wellness.

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A female doctor looks at the pelvic X-ray of a patient who has been practicing tips or increasing bone density.

Increasing Bone Density: A Key to Long Life

Boost longevity by increasing your bone density. Explore its role in aging, the factors that impact it, and tips for stronger bones and a healthier life.

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A woman speaks to her husband’s doctor about his medical treatment plan because he brought her to his appointment.

4 Reasons to Bring a Family Member to Your Doctor’s Appointment

Can you bring someone to your doctor's appointment? Yes, we even encourage it! Here are four reasons why you should bring a family member to your appointments.

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A woman stands in front of a wall of pills thinking about the pros and cons of Metformin.

The Pros and Cons of Metformin

Metformin is a diabetes drug that’s made a splash in the anti-aging market. Is it worth the hype? Learn the pros and cons of metformin for longevity.

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