A woman holds her neck where her thyroid is because she has had thyroid problems due to emotional trauma.

Can Emotional Trauma Cause Thyroid Problems?

Exploring the intricate connection between emotional trauma and thyroid health, this piece dives deep into the world of stress and its impact on our bodies.

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A pile of assorted OTC cold and flu medications.

What Ingredients Are *Really* in Your Cold Medicine?

Navigate the maze of over-the-counter meds with clarity! Discover the real story behind cold medicine ingredients, from their benefits to potential risks.

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A woman holds a glass of water to help her with taking megadoses of vitamins.

Is Taking Megadoses of Vitamins Really a Good Idea?

In this post, unravel the truth about taking megadoses of vitamins. Learn about potential risks, the best sources of nutrition, and more.

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A green stethoscope lies curled on a blank medical chart next to a pen.

The 4 Pitfalls of Health: Understanding the Root Causes of Disease

Discover the 4 pitfalls of health — inflammation, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, and catabolic physiology — aka, the root causes of almost all disease.

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After learning how to read medication labels properly, a woman examines an OTC medicine in a drugstore aisle.

How to Read Medication Labels for OTC Products

Learn how to read medication labels and decipher important information, such as dosage and ingredients, to make safe and informed choices with OTC drugs.

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A single dose of the shingles vaccine in a glass vile sits on a clean, white countertop in front of a syringe with a needle attached.

Why the Shingles Vaccine Matters More Than You Think

Learn what the shingles virus is, why it's important to get vaccinated, and its long-term consequences so you can protect yourself or your loved ones.

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A blond woman holds her throat where her thyroid is before going to the doctor to learn how to balance thyroid hormones.

How (And Why) to Balance Your Thyroid Hormones

Learn what the thyroid is, what problems can arise from it being out of balance, and steps to ensure your thyroid hormones are properly balanced.

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A pile of assorted statins, representing the case against statins.

The Case Against Statins: Why They May Not Be for You

Statins can lower your cholesterol, but may not be the best solution for everyone. Explore the case against statins and find out if they're right for you.

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Various healthy foods that are good for people with high cholesterol are piled together on a marble countertop.

What Level of Cholesterol Requires Medication?

When it comes to cholesterol, what is normal? What cholesterol level requires medication, and how do we determine that? Read on to find out.

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