A doctor explains the difference between western medicine vs eastern medicine, and how together they form functional medicine.

The Perfect Marriage of Eastern Medicine With Western Science

Explore functional medicine, the unique blend of Eastern tradition and Western science, offering a holistic and effective approach to healthcare.

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An older woman smiles while eating a green apple because she’s had a long, healthy lifespan.

Lifespan vs. Healthspan (And How to Boost Both)

Explore the relationship between healthspan and lifespan, and discover strategies to enhance both for a life marked by vitality AND longevity.

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A palliative care nurse holds the hands of one of her elderly patients.

When Should You Start Palliative or Hospice Care for Your Aging Parents?

Starting palliative care or hospice for parents is hard. Learn the difference between the two and signs that it may be time for end-of-life comfort and support.

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A pile of legal papers, including an advanced directive, and a living will form.

What Is a Living Will, and Should You Have One?

Explore the role of a living will, dispel misconceptions, and understand its potential to provide clarity and peace to you and your loved ones.

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A woman smiles widely at the camera while taking a selfie.

How to Be Genuinely Happy: A Doctor’s Guide

Discover how to be genuinely happy with Dr. Rosenberg's guide to happiness! Uncover practical strategies for balancing life and cultivating joy.

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A patient liaison wearing blue scrubs talks on the phone at a white desk.

How a Patient Liaison Makes a Huge Difference in Your Life

If you’ve ever had to navigate the American healthcare system, you know it’s extremely complex. A patient liaison can help — a lot. Find out how.

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A lab tech holds up a vial of blood from a patient, representing a discussion on how to prepare for a blood test.

How to Prepare for Your Next Blood Test

Looking for tips on how to prepare for a blood test? Learn the importance of regular testing and what to do (and what not to do) before your next blood draw.

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Various sized and shaped pill bottles with assorted medications are spilled over and spread across a white surface.

Why Your Doctor Should Know ALL the Medications You’re Taking

It's important for your doctor to know all of the medications you're taking, whether they be prescription or over-the-counter. Here's why.

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A top down view of a calendar representing yearly doctor appointments.

The Problems With Only Seeing Your Doctor Once Per Year

If you only see your doctor once a year, you're doing yourself a disservice. Here are three factors to consider when deciding how often to see your doctor.

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