Preventative Medicine

At Jupiter Concierge Family Practice, we believe strongly in improving the health of you and your family. As part of your membership to our practice, you gain access to a wide range of preventative medicine services to help you plan for a healthier future.

Preventative Medicine

What is Preventative Medicine?

Preventative medicine is a unique medical specialty focused on maintaining your wellbeing to prevent disease, disability, and even death. It can also help to halt a diseases progression to avoid complications after its onset.

Why is this important? Traditional healthcare is typically only equipped to treat patients when there are notable symptoms; in other words, when something has already gone wrong. It fails to empower patients with the necessary information and lifestyle modifications which can help these diseases from ever manifesting.

Preventative medicine also provides you with a plan for the future; it helps you to age more gracefully and minimize the likelihood of suffering from chronic conditions related to poor diet or lack of physical activity, such as diabetes and immune system dysfunction, and chronic inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and colitis.

Preventative Medicine Services at Jupiter Concierge Family Practice

The best possible medical recommendations are useless unless we have all of the facts. Our goal is to combine your comprehensive medical history with a detailed physical examination to create an individualized, long-term treatment plan. If you'd like, we can create a plan for your entire family.

To create your personalized treatment plan, we will confirm that your medical record is accurate to eliminate what is no longer important.

We will also complete a full medication review which will include:

  • Checking for errors from your pharmacy
  • Reviewing your dose for each prescription
  • Analyzing the side effects and interactions of each medication
  • Confirming the need for continued use of medications
  • Substituting medications with natural herbals when possible
  • Coordinating with pharmaceutical companies to maximize benefits and minimize cost

We will also focus on your nutrition, physical activity, financial status, spiritual health, relationships, and personal goals and desires, paying particular attention to your past and current health to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Elements in your treatment plan may include:

  • Exercise: Developing a routine that fits your lifestyle and incorporates activity which addresses aerobics, muscle tone, stretching, and balance.
  • Nutrition: Implementing a diet which avoids simple carbohydrates, maximizes protein intake, includes good fats necessary for normal physiology, and monitors your water and fluid intake.
  • Hobbies: Incorporating activities into your daily life which keep your mind active, your body strong, and your personal relationships thriving.

Your treatment plan may also focus on lifestyle changes, such as smoking cessation, eliminating environment toxins, and practicing stress management techniques. Dr. Rosenberg will also address other aspects of your current health state, correcting any underlying imbalances or disease states.

Who Can Benefit from Preventative Medicine?

It is never too late to become invested in your future health. Anyone of any age can take part in preventative medicine practices; starting these practices in young adulthood can put you in the best position later in life.

If you are interested in your overall wellness and prevention or are frustrated with your current medical care, we would love to help you on your health journey. We are as dedicated as you are to finding ways to combat or avoid possible health obstacles and removing your need to worry about your health in the future. To schedule an appointment with Jupiter Concierge Family Practice, call (561) 743-0005 or contact us online today.